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Javascripty Electronic Data Interchange is an open source web-based EDI transaction manager. The basic application works well, and is currently used in a production setting. You might find it useful, or want to join in developing.

Demo, download, contribute

If you would like to review Jedi, view the demo.

To download, go to the download pages. If you would like to help work on the project, the sourceforge project pages are here.


Sourceforge description: A modular, class-based PHP program which manages basic EDI transactions using FTP. It is web-based, using a Smarty template interface and relies on ADOdb database abstraction so it works with any major database and can be skinned as you please.

Screenshot of the 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement


  1. FTP Send and Receive files
  2. GNupg Encryption enabled
  3. EDI 824, 850, 855, 832 transactions completed
  4. Themeable with Smarty templates
  5. Designed in MySQL, but uses any major database
  6. Cross-platform

Modular Design

The Jedi application is modular, and allows you to add EDI transactions by modifying a database table and adding a few lines of script to handle anything unusual with that transaction.

The application was originally designed for a small business with minimum requirements for EDI transactions (832, 850, 855, 824), so we will have fun extending it into the future.

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